All the manufacture is carried out at the workshop of Saint Jean Pied de port by our care.

Here are the different stages of manufacturing

  1. Filming: The pieces are hand-turned with black clay, which compared to its red counterpart does not contain iron.
  2. Drying: Then let the parts dry, step that can take a few hours to a few weeks in winter.
  3. Scratching: The pieces are scraped to remove the roughening.
  4. The enamel: We use a wood ash enamel. We collect the ashes from the wood stove, which must be washed and sifteized as thin as possible. We put them in a basin suspended in water and we dip the parts in.
    The oak ashes give the brown color and the beech ashes the color green grey.
  5. Cooking: Once the enamelling is done the pottery is baked in a gas furnace at 1300 °c, at that time the Earth vitrified in the mass and the pigments of the wood give their colors.
    The oven takes a day to get up to temperature.

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