History of family pottery

Hello everyone,

I’m going to tell you my story, that of the Navarraise pottery!
I was born in 1954 in Saint Jean Le Vieux a small village in the Basque country. During the first years of my life I worked with Paul Carriquiry, who lived with his wife and three children.

A few years later, the eldest of the three sons, Olivier Carriquiry joins us! This will start the family tradition of the Navarraise pottery.

In the years 75, I have 21 years and the urge to travel! I’m full of knowledge and encounters! This period will give rise to the pottery of the HULOTTE in Caylus, which will be held by Michel Carriquiry, brother ofOlivier, then by Jean-basptiste son of Michel.

In 1990, I am 36 years old and I feel the need for a return to the sources. I decided to return to the Basque country with Olivier Carriquiry, his wife and two children.

27 years later, the eldest of the two sons, Paul Carriquiry joins us! Looks like you’ve seen it all before.

In 2017, I currently have 63 years, I should be close to retirement, but no, I’m launching on the Internet!

See you soon for new stories,
Navarraise pottery

The current workshop

It is located at the top of the Spanish Street in Saint Jean Pied de port. You can find all our productions but also come to see us turn.